We’ve got the real story of Maria von Trapp in the National Archives at Boston.

When the von Trapp family fled the Nazi regime in Austria, they traveled to America. Eventually, the entire family—except for the husband, Georg—-became American citizens.

In the early 1940s the family settled in Stowe, Vermont, where they bought a farm. They ran a music camp on the property when they were not on tour. In 1944, Maria and her stepdaughters Johanna, Martina, Maria, Hedwig, and Agathe applied for U.S. citizenship by filing declarations of intention at the U.S. District Court in Burlington, Vermont. Georg apparently never filed to become a citizen; Rupert and Werner were naturalized while serving in the U.S. armed forces during World War II; Rosmarie and Eleonore derived citizenship from their mother; and Johannes was born in the United States and was a citizen in his own right.

If you are planning on watching the new version of the Sound of Music this week, make sure you brush up on all your von Trapp trivia here: http://go.usa.gov/WFbh